TAZO Herbal Tea Tea Bags Sweet Cinnamon Spice Flavored Tea, 20 Tea Bags

Nothing is cozier than sitting curled-up fireside on a wintery snow day except maybe our Sweet Cinnamon Spice blend. This deliciously warming herbal tea combines sweet cinnamon, spicy star anise, and a twist of licorice root, orange peel, and sarsaparilla. Unfortunately, we couldn't include the snow day. Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice non caffeinated tea is carefully presented in 20 individually wrapped tea bags to preserve the flavor you love! Just pour fresh boiling water over one filter bag and steep for 5 minutes. Then relax, and enjoy the aromatic flavor with a hint of natural sweetness. If you enjoy other flavored tea like chai, vanilla chai, peach tea, and cranberry tea, then you'll love this warming cinnamon spice blend. Here at Tazo, we've got a good thing brewing. We're on a quest to be the most unexpected tea makers. We're always curious. Always questioning. What's this flavor? What's that aroma? We love to dive in and stir things up. We're a half curious kid, half intrepid explorer, half undaunted alchemist. Yes—one and a half. That spirit? We bring it to tea. We do it through unexpected blends with a twist so you can taste the vibrant undiscovered flavored teas the world has stashed away.