Swanson Cooking Stock, Unsalted Chicken

No artificial flavors. Per 1 Cup: 20 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 130 mg sodium (6% DV); less than 1 g total sugars. 99% fat free. Gluten free. 100% natural. No preservatives. No MSG added. No added salt (Not a sodium free food). Non-GMO. Chicken stock with no antibiotics ever. Swanson is made from simple, high-quality ingredients you can recognize. Our chicken is sourced from farms we trust. It starts with real chicken and bones, then we cook our broths and stocks to perfection to deliver a unique balance of flavor. Use Swanson Stock to enhance the rich flavors of your meat dishes, sauces and gravies. Sign up for our creative cooking newsletter. RecycleCartons.com. WhatsInMyFood.com. www.swansonstock.com. Find delicious recipes & cooking tips: www.swansonstock.com. Questions or Comments? Call us at 1-800-44-BROTH. Please recycle! RecycleCartons.com. US|CA