Claussen Half Sours New York Deli-Style Pickle Wholes, 32 fl. oz. Jar

With a tangy flavor, milder taste and crunchy texture, Claussen Half Sours New York Deli-Style Pickle Wholes pay homage to your favorite old school deli. Our Claussen whole pickles are crafted with fresh cucumbers picked straight from the vine and refrigerated for our classic Claussen crunch. Pickled with a unique spice blend of turmeric, garlic and red pepper, our whole pickles are great served on the side with your burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. Claussen deli-style pickles are vegan, Kosher Certified and a fat free food, making them a delicious snack. Keep our 32-ounce resealable jar of pickle wholes refrigerated. Whether you enjoy pickle chips or spears, slices or wholes, you can't beat Claussen's mouthwatering crunch.