McCormick Gourmet Organic Turkish Bay Leaves, 0.18 oz

McCormick Gourmet sources their organic bay leaves from Turkey, where hot, dry summers produce bay laurel trees with aromatic bay leaves. The trees are carefully harvested to yield beautifully green whole leaves of superior quality. Bay leaves are a fundamental flavor in European cooking, lending a pleasing and distinctive savory aroma to the air as they cook. They are a basic component in a bouquet garni, a sachet of bay leaves, thyme and parsley, that is used to flavor soups, stocks and stews. Bay leaves are a must-have in tomato sauces, beans, roasted meats and any kind of long-simmering or slow cooker recipe. Bay leaves’ subtle tea-like and floral notes also work well in desserts like custard and rice pudding. Remove leaf before serving.