El Guapo Fideo Pasta

Medium Vermicelli Pasta (Fideos Pasta) are thin pasta strands cut into short lengths. This Mexican noodle is typically cooked right in the soup or sauce so it absorbs all the delicious flavors. Made from semolina, our pasta is a staple in the Mexican kitchen. It is used to make a brothy Mexican Noodle Soup (Sopa de Fideo) and Sopa Seco de Fideo or dry noodle soup, which is family-favorite side dish. The pasta is also added to seafood pasta dishes much like paella, but with these thin noodles instead of rice. Medium Vermicelli Pasta is one of the many products offered by El Guapo and you can be confident that they are of the highest quality. For the past 30 years, El Guapo has provided ingredients to make delicious, authentic Mexican meals for your family.