Canine Carry Outs Dog Snacks, Chicken Flavor

What's as fun and exciting as a doggie bag from a popular chicken restaurant? To your dog, the answer is Canine Carry Outs Chicken Flavor soft and chewy dog treats! Your canine companion will love their mouthwatering chicken aroma and taste, plus their satisfyingly chewy texture. These chicken dog treats are made in the U.S.A. with REAL chicken, and they look and taste like the real thing! They even come in a resealable bag that's just right to take with you for treating on the go. These deliciously soft dog treats and their perfectly portable package make for an easy anytime snack or reward for dogs of all sizes. Just break them into smaller bits for smaller dogs. Let's face it; your best bud deserves to be treated often, and these are the treats for the job. So grab a bag or three of Canine Carry Outs Chicken Flavor dog treats today, and make your dog happy EVERY day!