SNICKERS Valentine's Day Chocolate Single Size Candy Bar Heart, 1.10 oz Bar

Maybe your Valentine just needs a SNICKERS. SNICKERS Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Candy Bars are the most satisfying treats to share this Valentine's Day. Savor the peanut-packed chocolate candy everyone loves in fun heart shaped candy bars. Craft Valentines chocolate candy gift boxes for all your loved ones with individually wrapped SNICKERS Valentine candy bars. They're satisfaction will earn you lots of love. Feel the love with these fun and festive heart shaped chocolate candy bars with "Be Mine" inscribed in the delicious milk chocolate surrounding layers of peanuts, nougat, and caramel. Break them out for a romantic movie note or pack them in your bag for that Valentine's Day hike. Chocolate candy is great to have on hand for last minute Valentine gifts. Coworkers and friends will love unwrapping these satisfying chocolate heart candies. Don't forget to treat yourself to a SNICKERS heart candy, you deserve it! With SNICKERS Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Candy Bars there are endless ways to feel the love this Valentine's Day.