Breath Savers Mint, 3 Hour, Sugar Free, Spearmint

Pop in a 3-hour breath mint when you need a cooling zing of spearmint flavor. Enjoy the confidence of knowing these mints will neutralize your bad breath and rejuvenate your mouth for up to three full hours. BREATH SAVERS 3-hour spearmint breath mints are the perfect minty treat when you need it most — especially after a cup of coffee or a large meal! Keep a tin wherever you are for the peace of mind that your breath is always covered. Stash them in your car, desk, pocketbook, backpack, lunch box or briefcase for access to a fast and invigorating minty mouth feeling. Whether you're giving a presentation, talking with a friend or having guests over for dinner, these BREATH SAVERS 3-hour breath mints will keep you feeling fresh. In the sharing mood? Leave a tin of these sugar-free, spearmint-flavored BREATH SAVERS treats next to your favorite candy dish for everyone to enjoy along with you.