Primal Kitchen Collagen Keto Latte Drink Mix, Chai Tea

Collagen peptide drink mix. 10 grams type 1 & 3 collagen (per serving). 1 gram sugar (not a low calorie food). See nutrition information for saturated fat content. 75 mg caffeine per serving. Paleo friendly. This product is keto certified. No dairy ingreidents. Certified Gluten-Free. Typical Collagen Amino Acid Profile Per Serving: Alanine: 840mg; Arginine: 770 mg; Aspartic Acid: 450 mg; Cysteine: 0 mg; Glutamic Acid: 1,000 mg; Glycine: 2,330 mg; Histidine: 90 mg; Hydroxylysine: 150 mg; Hydroxyproline: 1,230 mg; Isoleucine: 120 mg; Leucine: 260 mg; Lysine: 330 mg; Methionine: 90 mg; Phenylalanine: 160 mg; Proline: 1,370 mg; Serine: 340 mg; Threonine: 190 mg; Trytophan: 0 mg; Tyrosine: 60 mg; Valine: 220 mg. Hair, skin & nail support. Eat like your life depends on it. When I workout or need a quick boost on the go, I reach for this collagen peptide mix that adds Vitamin C and flavor to every sip. Made without refined sugars or dairy, Primal Kitchen Collagen Quench offers real fruit powders, and 10g of type 1 & 3 collagen in every serving. This supplement delivers hair, skin & nail support with uncompromisingly delicious taste. - Mark Sisson, Founder. Product of Argentina.